pet products sales increase than everbefore
Time : 2024-01-10
pet products sales increase than everbefore

more and more orders come to our factory from this year  

In our pet products area, every year from March it will be hot season for pet products, because Black Friday and Christmas, the buyers will purchase the products and store in their warehouse for this two festivals. So this year from July our company has got many orders from clients of different countries like Japan, Singpore ,USA and European countries. 

Our production manager said this week we will have 20 containers to deliver to our clients, there are more than 10 kinds of products inside , most of the clients we have cooperated for more than 3 years, there are 3 clients they just started to cooperate with us this year , after placing the trail order to us, then they start to place the bulk order to us since they are happy with our service and products . 

Recently, our production workers work more than 13 hours per day for speeding up the production of the goods so that they can deliver to our clients in time without delay, especially with winter comes, more traders want to store some goods in their warehouse for Christmas. 

We will continue to work hard to produce best quality products for our clients .

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