Pet Pee Pad
Pet Pee Pad
The pet pee pad is a practical and convenient product designed to meet the urinary needs of pets. Made from high-quality materials, it has excellent absorbency and leak-proof properties, ensuring that your pet's living area remains clean and odor-free.
The pee pad is soft and comfortable, providing a cozy place for your pet to relieve themselves. It is available in various sizes and thicknesses to suit different pets and their needs.
Using a pet pee pad is easy. Simply place it on the floor or in your pet's litter box, and your pet will know exactly what to do. When it's time to replace the pad, simply dispose of it in the trash.
In addition to its absorbent properties, the pet pee pad also helps to protect your floors and carpets from urine stains and odors. It's a great solution for pet owners who want to keep their homes clean and fresh.
Overall, the pet pee pad is an essential item for any pet owner. It provides a convenient and hygienic way to manage your pet's urinary needs, while also keeping your home clean and odor-free. Order your pet pee pad today and give your pet the comfort and convenience they deserve!
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Product Details

High Absorbency: Pet Pee Pads have excellent absorbent capabilities, quickly locking in liquids to prevent leaks and messes. This keeps your floors protected and clean.

pet pee pad detailed size information
TypeNameModelSizePackage weightUnit piece weight(g)Macro moleculePiece/bagBag/packageInner packingOuter packing
pet pee padcommon.economyS33*45cm1.212110012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padcommon.economyM45*60cm1.22425012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padcommon.economyL60*60cm1.23024012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padcommon.economyXL60*90cm1.26032012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padcommon.regularS33*45cm1.414110012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padcommon.regularM45*60cm1.42825012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padcommon.regularL60*60cm1.43524012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padcommon.regularXL60*90cm1.27042012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padcommon.thickenS33*45cm1.818210012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padcommon.thickenM45*60cm1.83635012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padcommon.thickenL60*60cm1.84544012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padcommon.thickenXL60*90cm1.87252512clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padcommon.thickenS33*45cm220210012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padcommon.thickenM45*60cm24035012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padcommon.thickenL60*60cm25044012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padcommon.thickenXL60*90cm28052512clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padbamboo charcoal.thickenS33*45cm1.919210012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padbamboo charcoal.thickenM45*60cm1.93835012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padbamboo charcoal.thickenL60*60cm1.84544012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padbamboo charcoal.thickenXL60*90cm1.76862512clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padbamboo charcoal.regularS33*45cm1.414110012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padbamboo charcoal.regularM45*60cm1.42825012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padbamboo charcoal.regularL60*60cm1.43534012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padbamboo charcoal.regularXL60*90cm1.26042012clear bagwoven bag
pet pee padneutral.Colorful bagS33*45cm1.414110012Neutral Colorful bagwoven bag
pet pee padneutral.Colorful bagM45*60cm1.42825012Neutral Colorful bagwoven bag
pet pee padneutral.Colorful bagL60*60cm1.43524012Neutral Colorful bagwoven bag
pet pee padneutral.Colorful bagXL60*90cm1.47042012Neutral Colorful bagwoven bag
pet pee padneutral.Colorful bagXL60*90cm1.26032012Neutral Colorful bagwoven bag

Product advantage: 

1. Good quality with high Water absorption capacity. Use good quality Macro molecule water absorbent. per gram Macro molecule can absorb 150-200 ml water capacity.

2. Fast delivery and enough stock quantity.

3. Competitive price with all round good sales services.

4. Suitable for different size pets with our different size pads.

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Q : Are you trading company or real factory ? 

A : we are big and professionally integrated enterprise of manufacturing and trading, we have more than 6 years experience in pet products area,our sales center is in Shanghai city and our production base is in Jiangsu province due to the land and factory rental cost saving. Not only we have the advantage of trading company (good service and wide range products) but also we have the advantage of factory (good price and good quality and fast delivery).

Q : What is your targeted clients ?

A : we mainly sell our products to traders,pet hospitals, pet shops ,supermarkets ,retail stores, we do not sell our products to personal individuals who just buy one or two prices at a time for their own pets using purpose. 

Q : Can we get a sample from you ? 

A : of course we know buyers like to ask for sample before placing order, so we can definitely offer samples to our clients for their trial and checking before placing bulk order. 

Q : Can you customize special products according the requests of clients ?

A : of course we have special design team who can specially design and customize special products according the special requests from buyers, also we can cooperate in the form of OEM production .

Q : how to contact with you quickly ? 

A : you can contact me by email or Mobile or whatsapp or wechat , any of your message or calling will be cared about as soon as possible without delay or hesitation, our working efficiency is very high, our contact information is as follows :

Contact person: Larry Cao 

Email :    
Mobile phone (Whatsapp and wechat): 0086 13162819320 
(24 hours available of every day)   


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