Cat climbing frame
The Cat climbing frame is a fantastic accessory for your cat to play, scratch, and climb. Made of high-quality materials, it is durable and sturdy enough to withstand your cat's scratching and jumping. The cat tree is covered with natural sisal rope, which is soft and comfortable for your cat's paws, while also satisfying their natural scratching instincts.
Cats are known for their love of scratching, and this scratching post provides them with an outlet for that behavior. Scratching helps cats keep their claws sharp, stretch their muscles, and mark their territory. By having a scratching post available, you can help protect your furniture and other belongings from damage caused by your cat's scratching.
In addition to being a scratching surface, this post also features a cozy perch for your cat to rest and survey their territory. Cats love to climb and have a vantage point, and this perch provides them with a comfortable spot to do so. With its stable base, the cat scratching post won't tip over, ensuring your cat's safety.
Overall, this cat tree is a durable and functional accessory that meets the needs of both you and your cat. It provides your cat with a scratching surface and a perch, while also helping to protect your furniture. Give your cat a fun and stimulating play area with this cat tree.
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Product Details

Cat climbing frame Features and Benefits:

Sturdy Construction: Made from durable materials, our Cat Tree can withstand your cat's climbing and scratching.

Attractive Design: With its stylish and modern look, the Cat Tree complements your home décor.

Multiple Levels: Offers multiple levels and platforms for your cat to climb, jump, and relax.

Scratching Posts: Includes scratching posts to satisfy your cat's natural scratching instincts.

Fun and Entertaining: Provides a stimulating play area for your cat to keep them active and engaged.

Space-Saving: Designed to be compact and space-saving, it fits easily into your home.

Affordable Price: Offers great value for money, providing a functional and stylish cat accessory.

product nameCat furniture cat tree cat climbing frame
Product size cm30*30*30
Packing size cm30*11*30
materialsE1 particleboard350g/m fabric3mm white sword hemp
Packing materialsCarton box packing
ColorAs photo
Packing weight KG1.3

If you want special size and color and any individual design, please contact me, we have factory and special team to meet you all of your requests.


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